High-end jewellery designer

My interest in the history of beads from around the world led me to discover the different varieties of gemstones and ancient techniques used in the art of jewellery production as well as more contemporary beads.

This research has allowed me to select and assort beads so as to optimize the effect of shapes, colours, materials and effect.

I use a wide variety of materials, including old or contemporary powder glass beads from Italy, traditional bronze from Africa, Touareg elements, vegetal matter such as precious woods, grains or peul amber, etc.

My shop opened in 2006 in the Quartier des Arts, in the heart of the old town of Blois, at 38 rue St Lubin. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 :30 am to 7pm.

Different collections are proposed following the different seasons of the year and changing trends.

It is possible to order a personalized creation.


The earring has become an indispensible accessory for most women today, the most commonly worn piece of jewellery.
Since ancient times, earrings have marked civilisations, their different customs, rites and social categories.
Today, this piece of jewellery has retained its attraction. I propose a large selection of models in my different collections :
Different colours, styles, shapes, sizes, simple or more elaborate models which are adaptable depending on preference for fastenings, clips or leverbacks.


Necklaces can be classified according to their length : taut collar necklaces, chokers, pendants, sautoirs, ‘princess’ or ‘opera’-style necklaces.

A necklace can be a unique creation or a piece from a limited series, a simple one-row model or a piece with more rows. Whatever the style : with one row or multiple rows, symmetrical or not, baroque, ethnic or contemporary, the necklaces I design are linked to style and personality.
A wide variety of materials reflecting seasons and fashions are used to create a necklace.

Two collections
are proposed each year.
A personalized creation can be arranged and quotation provided.


Single row, cuff-style or charm bracelets will accessorize bare wrists in the summer. In the winter, they will liven up long sleeves which are often dark-coloured.
We will customize the bracelet for a perfect fit on each wrist.



10:30am ~ 1:00pm & 1:30pm ~ 7:00pm



38 Rue Saint Lubin – 41000 Blois