Unique hand-crafted jewellery

Natalie Beauhaire, designer of high-end, refined pieces of jewellery, has a passion for her craft.

Her creativity and craftsmanship have led her to design a wide range of jewellery, from elegant luxury ornaments to striking ethnic designs, all of which have a story of their own to tell about their origins.


It is in Africa where I lived for several years that I developed my interest for beads and gems and began to create my own jewellery.

“A profusion of beads from the markets of Africa,
Ornaments from the depths of India,
Amber from the Baltic,
Beads from Venice,
Fine pearls
Powder glass, coral shells,
Pacific souvenirs from Egypt, feminine treasures,
Garnet, jasper, carnelian, agate, amazonite, grains,
Ebony, gold and silver,
Lost-wax bronze,
A poem of colours, alchemy of emotion,
Necklaces of joy.
Thousands of beads of different colours
And different shapes
From around the world
Enchantment in Africa.
Beads gleaming in the palm of our hands,
Play the game of colours and profits.”
“Beads from Africa” Marie-Françoise Delarozière. Edisud


The discovery of these exotic beads and gems inspired my creativity and imagination leading me to experiment in different styles, such as ethnochic, couture, antique, etc…

In 1988, I was given my first opportunity to present my creations to the public at the Centre Culturel Georges Melies in Ouagadougou. Encouraged by the interest shown by the public at this occasion, I decided to open my first shop in one of the larger hotels in that city.

During the next few years, until 1992, I developed my creative skills in different countries of western Africa. At that time, I also organized a number of exhibits : private presentations, exhibits in embassies, consulates and exclusive hotels.

On my return to France, I presented my collection at the Bijorhca showroom of jewellery in Paris where the positive reception of my creations encouraged me to continue my activity in France. After several years of work in the medical field I resumed my activities in designing jewellery by presenting my collections in the shops of Relais et Châteaux as, well as in different exhibitions.

In 2006 I decided to open my own shop in the Quartier des Arts, in Blois, where I have the pleasure of welcoming a clientele in search of authenticity, locally manufactured craftwork and original designs.
Since then, I have constantly evolved with the goal of innovating and responding to my clients’ expectations.



10:30am ~ 1:00pm & 1:30pm ~ 7:00pm



38 Rue Saint Lubin – 41000 Blois